ASA Grants

The American Scandinavian Association (ASA) administers grants for Scandinavian cultural and educational programs. Applications are accepted each year from September 1 to April 1. Grants are given in the amount up to $1,000. All grants are subject to review and approval by the ASA Board of Directors, which reserves the right to award contributions according to individual merits.

Grants for Scandinavian Cultural & Educational Programs

ASA contributes funds to support Scandinavian cultural and educational programs including, but not limited to, literature, history, political science, economics, and folklore. Applicants must be individuals or non-profit institutions. ASA gives preference to those affiliated with ASA and other Scandinavian organizations, and whose projects contain unique Nordic content, and are contributions to a deeper understanding of Nordic culture. Those who receive awards are required to present a program at a general meeting of ASA within one year following completion of the project.

What to include in the application letter:

  • Description of the project you are requesting funding for.
  • Explain why you are uniquely qualified to complete the project, and how the information will be of interest to the Scandinavian community.
  • Amount requested, and how it will be spent.

How to Apply

Please send a letter (preferably by email) to the address listed below. Include your name, address, phone number, email, and the information requested above. There is no application fee.

Please submit requests to:
Anne Marie Hvid
805 Hillwood Ave.
Falls Church VA 22042-2418
Phone: 571-245-1216