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Marcus Samuelsson in DC, Oct. 26 - Oct. 28
He has a Macy's event, a free book signing at Bus Boys and Poets, and he
curated the menu for the inaugural Smithsonian African Art Awards Dinner. 

October 26th - Macy's Downtown/Metro Center
                                  Walk-around Tasting and Book Signing

                                             RSVP and more information to come! 

        October 27th - Politics & Prose at Busboys and Poets
                 (14th and V) Book Signing
                       More information here. 

           October 28th - Smithsonian's Arts & Industry building
                                  Smithsonian African Art Awards Dinner
                             featuring a menu from the cookbook

                                           Tickets and more information here.
Samuelsson's office contact: Lauren Monroe, lauren@samuelssongroup.com


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